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After picking up some great albums, such as the New York Dolls and Ravi Shankar: Live, I found a few books to include with my music.

"The Seventies: From Hot Pants to Hot Tubs" by Andrew J. Edelstein, with contributer Kevin McDonough is a really amazing book, being published about 14 years ago. With grayscale photos lining each page, and a continuing, detailed (but not complicated) timeline at the bottom, the book is very compelling.

It follows historic elements of the seventies in large chapters that divide into little subgenres. Through large sections on movies, politics, trends, and music, I found some interesting facts.

A Barbie doll that grew breasts and was opposed by the NOW (National Organization for Women). There was two pages of coverage about A Clockwork Orange. A detailed description as well as information about a trial against 'Deep Throat'. In the music section, seventies artists were given short biographies, and there was an extensive list of artists who had died, and HOW they died. Very nice!

This book was very alluring, and the organization and abundant information (especially for the time period it was produced in) that it gives makes it worthwhile.

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