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Here's a quick instruction manual for how to use your local library.

Step 1: Entering The Library: Remember to have a library card. Many an idiot (including myself) arrive at the library without a card and ultimately get themselves furious and leave. If you don't have a card, register one so you can use it. Sometimes you'll need a parent to register if you're under a certain age. If not, I.D. is a good thing to have on you.

Step 2: Searching For a Subject: Seek out any computers. If the library has them, try to find their catalog or search directory, and look for whatever you think you might be interested in. By searching, for example, 'rock n roll', you can find a great selection of rock videos, biographies, and albums. If you have any other concerns with searching, ask a reference librarian. Their desk is usually marked with 'Reference' or a variation of the term.

Step 3: Finding Your Item: If you have trouble finding your item(s), then you should consult a reference librarian. 8 times out of 10, they can find it. Otherwise, you'll get the disappointing words, "Oh, it was JUST taken out earlier."

Step 4: Checking Out: Go to the checkout desk (it's usually at the front of the library) and hand them your card, followed by what you'll be renting. They hopefully will give you a slip of the date(s) in which your items need to be returned. It is CRUCIAL that you return the stuff, because fines can get disgustingly high (I once had an 18 dollar fine, yeugh) in a number of days, and also, consider the other people who want to rent those things!

More tips:

Find the library hours and the library's phone number or reference desk number to plan your trips in the future. It helps to know when they open and close so you have enough time to get there, look around, and even spend a few hours reading, if you'd like. A typical trip to the library takes about 15 minutes to an hour.

You can't expect certain libraries to have modern, excellent material. A good chum of mine searched 'Bam Margera' on the search directory. Well, of course nothing showed up besides a DVD of 'Grind'.

If you want to speed up the process and make a few people happy, you can donate things. The library loves donations. They'll accept pretty much anything and you can expect to see it on the shelves and database in about a week or two subsequent to your donation.

Be wary of some library bathrooms.

For Christ's sake, wash your hands when you exit the library, for your own safety. People are always leaving the library and going to eat Ethiopian food with their hands twenty seconds later.

You can use the library as a way to advertise. Posting flyers for concerts, benefits, dinners, etc. can be done, as libraries have arrays of bulletin boards. If you talk to them, they will gladly tape your advertisement on one of the boards, or something similar.

Also, read the bulletin boards and flyers, because they offer information about programs, community services, excercise classes, and other opportunites.

Ask about book sales. They're an amazing way to acquire incredibly cheap books and other miscellaneous items. Some good antiques, as well.

I know this is a routine procedure for most of you, but there are some people who need instruction. Well, maybe not, but I figured it would be a good introductory post.
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